West Country Horse


Natural Solutions

Based in the heart of the West Country in Somerset, West Country Horse has been established to supply herbal supplements and straights to support horse well-being and health.
We provide blends that have been developed by our in-house herbalist Amanda, as well as straights from the finest UK producers. Our aim is always to support you to find the right balance of supplemtns for your horse’s needs.

Our Ethos

Our blends and straight herbs are carefully selected for their purity, quality, and where possible are fit for human consumption. 
We purposefully avoid cheaper imports that are only suitable for animals due to the lower grade and possibility of unwanted fillers.
We have blends and straights to aid calming, help with your horse’s anxiety, and condition and shine their coat. We also have blends for specific issues such as Laminitis and Cushings, poor feet and gastric problems including ulcers.

History and Commitment

Over the past few years, we’ve developed our feed supplements with the aid of veterinary advice, after the local Riding for The Disabled group asked us for help with providing a herb tasting day for their hard working horses.   
We saw the wonder of horses choosing for themselves, and it sparked our determination to offer horses across the UK and beyond a personal service. Today, we offer ready-made and bespoke blends and have introduced our revolutionary herbal tasting packs.